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Efficiently organize, store documents, search, collaborate, control versions, secure on cloud, and track document activities for enhanced productivity and compliance.

Stay Organized and Productive with Finac Document Manager

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With Finac Document Manager, Keep Your Personal and Business Files Safe

Streamline Document Management with our Effective File Manager

All Your Files in One Place

Simplify your file management with our convenient feature that centralizes all your files in one place. Access documents, images, and files from various sources seamlessly. Stay organized, save time searching for files, and enhance collaboration by having all your important files readily accessible in a single location. 

Store and Access Files from Anywhere

Experience the convenience of storing and accessing your files from anywhere with Finac document manager. Upload and securely store files in the cloud, ensuring easy accessibility from any device with an internet connection. Collaborate seamlessly, work remotely, and retrieve important files on-the-go, enhancing productivity and flexibility in your workflow. 

Finac cloud document manager
Finac Document Manager FILE PREVIEW

Preview Your Files Before Downloading

Effortlessly preview your files before downloading with finac document manager. Save time and ensure accuracy by quickly previewing the contents of your files without the need to download them. Assess document quality, verify content, and make informed decisions on whether to proceed with downloading, enhancing efficiency and productivity in your file management process. 

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